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Auton's vision is to strengthen human by technology. Product "Eyeton" strengthens the vision capability of human by remote presence from one place to anywhere.

It is a smart solution to centralize all machines and meters to one place without modifying any components in the factory. It’s an IOT wrap over the machine, meters, indicator, panels which take video feed of all critical applications and centralize it to a single screen. We provide affordable low-cost good quality automation solution for all kind of factory, industry. Our engineer visits the client location and install our devices and provide rental data monitoring of your machine as well as controlling without reaching your factory.


  • ₹ 5

  • 4 meters
  • Remote live monitoring
  • SMS alerts monthly
  • Unlimited Email Alert
  • Hardware installation
  • Server maintenance and management
  • Website maintenance
  • Customer care support
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  • ₹ 8

  • 4 machines
  • live monitoring of machine status
  • remote machine control
  • Scheduler machine control
  • Hardware installation
  • Server maintenance and management
  • Website maintenance
  • Customer care support
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Product Features

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Remote Data monitoring

Live monitoring of running machine or device having any kind of digital or analog meter. Without opening device or changing in machine, our Eyeton capture data from video stream. Our AI based software; we extract reading from video frame into digital numbers.

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Data Logging

Monitor any kind of machine or device who have digital or analog meter on it. Our intelligent device captures the data and store it for data analysis and monitoring purpose.

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Smart alert

Using app/PC, User can set minimum or maximum limit of machine. Based on live data monitoring, if it exceeds that limit, mentioned users will receive alert SMS or Email or Buzzer sound to protect machine or process of production.

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Control & monitoring

User have full control to turn on or off any kind of industrial machine remotely using app or PC. We provide our control unit system which sense the power input taken by machine and inform it as device status.

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Video monitoring

To prevent any kind of false trigger or safety of work, we provide live streaming of the machine readings so user get for sure of data capture by our machine any time. User can also record the machine video data for future purposes.

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Network buzzer

We provide portable network sound alert system, which user can setup any where in the industry to get extended alert sound of machine/process malfunctioning.

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Report generation

Our system generates compile report of remote data and control based on data monitor which provide user exported compiled pdf or excel data.

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Customer support

Full customer support to user and remote monitoring of device. Our Engineers will work with you to secure machine control and monitoring issues. On demand factory/industry visit to resolve issues.

Benefits to choose us

  • Using Eyeton you can automate your machines. Our system will provide automation to any kind of machines without opening your hardware.

  • Automation of machines process increase work quality comparison to human work.

  • Controlling machines are easier than manage by labour. This reduces your overheads.

  • Automated production process makes business easy to replicate and expansion.

  • Our product will help you to automate your machine process accurately. This will lead to increase your productivity.

  • Automated machine control reduces management team administration.

  • With this product, your can work 24x7 your machines to increase your productivity.

  • By using this product, all reading information as well as machine control comes on your PC desktop, Mobile apps, etc.

  • By adding Eyeton to your work, you can save a large part of salary expenditure incurred on employees whose job is to monitor/supervise system.

  • Our device, log your machine data and generate advanced report as well as excel data, which will help management to optimize your productivity.

  • User can set min and max alert on the machine reading. If this alert range violate, our device sends SMS, Email, buzzer sound to corresponding user’s phone, pc.

  • With the help of our devices, your machines can work based on mentioned vendor specifications. This would increase your machines life and optimal results.

  • As machine operate become automated, you can reduce worker recruitment overheads.

  • As machine operate become automated, you can reduce worker overheads.

  • With the use of Eyeton, there is no need for humans to go near machine. This avoids any kind of accidents.

  • Worker retention at work will reduce.

  • As our system works on automation, we can save time utilize managing human resource, process management, and can increase production quantity.

  • As we reduce human work spaces near by machines, we can use same machines with less space requirement.

  • Eyeton converges all machine information to a single screen which is very convenient and cost efficient

  • With the use of Eyeton, there is no need for humans to go near machine. This avoids any kind of accidents.

  • Eyeton can record all machine process and store it for future analysis and prediction.

  • When there are any critical machine operations, Eyeton helps you to synchronize all those operations and help in troubleshooting.

  • Eyeton provides a graphical interface at Receiving unit which can be customized as per the convenience of user.

  • To adapt this product to your work cycle, you don't need to put a stop or hold on any work operation. User can use this device without stoping or pausing any machine or meters.


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